2 Phillies old and new still dominate the minds of NL East rivals


If you're hated by another team's fan base, then you're typically doing something right.

The folks over at MLB.com went through the fun exercise of listing each team's fan base's most hated rival player. The results are in and two Phillies players are living rent free in the heads of NL East opponents.

The first and most obvious answer is Chase Utley owning the Mets' fan base. It's not every day that you get a section of an opposing team's ballpark named in your honor. "Utley's Corner" was a staple of Citi Field for years as Chase put up big-time numbers while visiting in Queens. And even after he left the Phillies, Utley angered Mets fans even more for the now infamous slide that broke Ruben Tejada's leg in the 2015 NLDS. Dirty? Maybe. Definitely questionable.

Remember that time New York booed Utley at the All-Star Game? His (nsfw) reaction was perfect. And Phillies fans will be happy to learn that the hatred goes both ways. Utley confirmed recently that he really doesn't like the Mets either.

Then there's Bryce Harper. Harper may be hated by the Braves and Marlins more for his days as a member of the Washington Nationals, but he's ours now, so we'll wear his disdain like a badge of honor here in Philly.

The Braves entry mentions a move I wasn't even aware of Harper pulling: "he truly drew the ire of Braves fans in 2014, when he swiped his foot through the team's 'A' logo in the dirt behind the plate before multiple at-bats."

Kinda love it!

The Marlins apparently still dislike Harper for a pine tar incident with Ozzie Guillen that nobody likely remembers from nearly a decade ago.

And if you needed proof that Nationals fans aren't the brightest bunch, they hate one of their franchise's best players ever. Just for taking a much better contract elsewhere. Makes sense.

As for who the Phillies fan base selected, it wasn't a guy who put a dagger through our hearts like Cody Ross or Joe Carter. Instead, we apparently still hold a grudge with a dude who didn't want to be ONE OF US. That's right. Philly fans still hate J.D. Drew for sitting out a year instead of playing for the Phillies.

The pettiness is real in Philadelphia and we are here for it.

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