Andrew McCutchen officially introduces his alter ego Larry


How long has 2020 been already? It was only two months ago that the best/worst Phillies tweet of the winter was sent.

We all remember where we were that fateful afternoon.

In the days since Howard Eskin's thumbs betrayed him, Lawrence McCutcheon has been itching to make his presence felt. Andrew McCutchen was all business during spring training, recovering from ACL surgery and readying himself for a return to the top spot in the Phillies' batting order.

With everything slowed down now, McCutchen finally gave his alter ego a chance to shine. This really deserves the 79 seconds of your time.

And you thought the retro Cutch vibes ended last summer.

Despite not playing in 10 months, McCutchen has been a constant source of entertainment in Phillies land. We spoke with the former MVP and five-time All-Star earlier this month about his current routine and the silver linings to his unexpected time off.

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