At The Yard Podcast: Do Bryce Harper and Manny Machado actually want to be here?


On this edition of At The Yard, Corey Seidman and Ricky Bottalico discuss the seemingly never-ending free agency of Bryce Harper and Manny Machado. They ask if Philadelphia were either player's first choice, wouldn't they already have signed?

Also, the guys react to Matt Klentek's comments to our Jim Salisbury on the two superstar free agents.

1:00 - When will Harper or Machado sign? How important is it for them to sign before the start of spring training?
5:00 - Are the Padres a real threat for Harper?
10:00 - Do Harper/Machado actually want to be here?
13:00 - Do the Phillies have enough starting pitching?
17:30 - Harper and Machado not signing is affecting other free agents.
22:00 - Harper will be more endearing to fans.
29:00 - Ricky and Corey react to Klentak's interview with our Jim Salisbury.

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