At The Yard Podcast: How can Scott Kingery stay sharp? Did Aaron Nola turn a corner?


On this edition of At The Yard, Corey Seidman (live from New York for the Mets series) and Ricky Bottalico discuss how the mounting injuries may affect the lineup. What does Scott Kingery need to do with his time on the injured list?

Did Aaron Nola turn a corner in his start in Colorado? How much concern over the workload the bullpen has faced so far?

Also, the proper strategy pitching to Bryce Harper in a high leverage situation.

0:30 - Impact injuries will have to the lineup.
3:30 - How Scott Kingery should stay sharp while on the IL.
5:15 - Positives from Aaron Nola's start in Colorado.
10:00 - Aces around MLB are struggling.
12:00 - Too much bullpen?
17:30 - Confidence that Jake Arrieta can keep up this form?
20:30 - Strategy pitching to Bryce Harper in key late-game moments.

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