Chase Utley gets last laugh with angry Mets fan on New York radio show


Chase Utley responding to New York fans who don't care for him has a long tradition of fantastic responses.

Remember when the boos rained down at an All-Star Game in New York during player introductions? Utley wasn't having it.

"Boo?" Chase said aloud, followed by a now infamous colorful response that was captured by the television cameras and microphones.

It's the stuff of legend. Perhaps the second-most famous F-bomb of Utley's career — WFC forever.

Well for whatever reason, Utley found himself on the receiving end of more Mets fan ire on Wednesday morning when he was a guest on the Boomer and Gio show on WFAN to chat about the Phillies-Mets rivalry.

Utley now works for the Los Angeles Dodgers organization in an advisory role but the bulk of his conversation with the New York radio crew revolved around the old rivalry.

He touched on the incident in which he broke Ruben Tejada's leg. Utley says he may have gone a little bit lighter knowing he broke a guy's leg, something he never wants to do. Chase says he reached out to Tejada via David Wright but Tejada never responded.

"I wanted to talk to him, he didn't want to talk to me. I sent him a very nice bottle of tequila to say sorry," Utley said.

Perhaps the most entertaining bit from Utley's segment came when a caller went hard at the legendary second baseman. It came after Utley spoke about the juice in the rivalry.

"I loved playing against the Mets," Utley said. "The atmosphere was great. They were intense, they were loud, they obviously didn't like us. That created more adrenaline. That can elevate your game a bit."

Cue up a call from Cali in Connecticut.

"Mr. Utley, I do appreciate you working with dogs and kids. I've heard about that. Good for you," she begins. "That's the last thing I'm going to say I respect about you."

"Doesn't really seem like you care about anything. I just want you to know as Mets fans, how annoying it was to come and watch you. I respect that you're a good player, I understand that, but when you took out my shortstop in the playoffs, that wasn't about talent, that was just being dirty. I don't care how much you tell me that was you being old school, that was just you being dirty because that's what you do."

"Thank you, Cali. I appreciate it. See ya, sweetheart," Utley responded.

The caller that ripped into Chase on the radio is the kind of person who refers to the City of Brotherly Love as "Philthadelphia," so take that for what it's worth.

You can listen to the full segment below:

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