Holy Kratz! Former Phillies catcher dominates while PITCHING for Pirates


I thought it was weird when I woke up this morning and had a strange craving for some turkey bacon.

Then I logged on to the Internet and saw the amazing, resurgent performance from former Phillies catcher Erik Kratz.

Kratz is now playing for -- or I should say: a member of -- the Pittsburgh Pirates and they were getting blown out pretty good by the San Francisco Giants last night and needed an arm to pitch in the ninth.

Enter Kratz, who not only pitched a scoreless frame, but also struck a guy out! 

"You just try to enjoy it," Kratz told MLB.com. "I think I can probably throw the ball over the plate, and that's what I tried to do. There's nothing really scientific about it. I'm just trying to throw strikes and not blow my arm out."

"It happens in games that are unfortunate," Kratz said. "You don't want to have to come in and pitch, because it's probably not real good for your team. But hopefully it saved somebody's arm in the bullpen, and that's going to help us down the road."

Brandon Belt was so ashamed of his work at the plate that he made fun of himself on Twitter.

And just for old time's sake, a trip down turkey bacon lane:

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