Man who threw beer bottle at Ryan Howard turns himself in, cited for disorderly conduct


The suspect who allegedly threw an aluminium beer bottle at Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard on June 4 turned himself into the Philadelphia Police Department's South Detective Division on Friday.

Sidney Smith, 21, of Wilmington, Delaware, was issued a summary citation for disorderly conduct and released.

Mugshots are not released for disorderly conducts and the investigation is ongoing, police said.

Smith is awaiting a status hearing, which is scheduled for Tuesday, according to court documents.

The incident took place after the Phillies' game against the Milwaukee Brewers on June 4 concluded at Citizens Bank Park. Howard did not get hit with the bottle, and no one was injured.

On June 5, Howard was outraged by the incident, calling it "tasteless."

"I’ve done too much in this town to have that kind of stuff (happen)," Howard said. "You want to yell out, ‘You suck,’ that’s whatever. You start throwing stuff, that's when it gets personal. It was a Bud Light lime bottle. I just turned around and it was down by my feet.
“To me, that’s crossing the line and it becomes a security type issue. That stuff infuriates me. You want to yell stuff, that’s fine. When you start throwing stuff … The minute it gets physical, it gets personal. That’s the way I look at it. That’s the way I was raised."

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