Braves ticket prices are hilariously low for NLDS games


Philadelphia has been buzzing with Phillies fever since the Fightins came back in Game 1 of their Wild Card series against the Cardinals, and the city is certifiably baseball-crazy ahead of the first home playoff game in 11 years on Friday.

Ticket prices here in Philly are reflecting that fervor, with resale prices on Stubhub for standing room only at Game 3 hitting $191 apiece just before first pitch of Game 1.

Citizens Bank Park is going to be buzzing.

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But down in Georgia (not Atlanta, because the Braves don't play in Atlanta) the same can't be said.

As of Tuesday morning, ticket prices at Truist Park for Game 1 were starting a paltry $14 on Stubhub:

FOURTEEN U.S. American dollars?! For a home playoff game against a hated division rival? For shame, Braves fans!

There were plenty of people who rushed to the defense of the Braves, pointing out that Phillies fans are more excited because it's been so long since a home playoff game - and also the (admittedly rough) 1 P.M. start time on a Tuesday:

All that said... you really think a 1 P.M. start on a Tuesday would stop Phillies fans from going bonkers for a home game against the Braves, or Mets, or even the Nationals? Absolutely not.

Unspoken in the Braves fans' defense, of course, is the team's decision to literally move to another county when it built Truist Park. But that's another (more nuanced) discussion for another day.

Today, we simply laugh at Braves fans. Congrats on your championship-chasing front-runner fanbase. The Phillies may be frustrating, but when they play a big game the fans will be there, no questions asked.

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