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MLB to launch new, voluntary facial recognition ticket entry system at Phillies games

“Go-Ahead Entry” will be available at Citizens Bank Park starting Monday.

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Citizens Bank Park will be the first MLB stadium to have “Go-Ahead Entry” as an option for fans. 

Starting Monday, Aug. 21, the Phillies will offer Go-Ahead Entry at CBP’s first base gate. Any fans who have completed registration for the program on the MLB Ballpark app, which includes a facial scan, can walk through and have their tickets automatically scanned. The team calls it “the ultimate hands-free, free-flow experience.” 

Per the Phillies website, Go-Ahead Entry is “completely voluntary and is available to anyone 18 years of age or older with a MLB Ballpark account.” Only one member must be registered for a group to enter together, as long as all of the party’s tickets are on that member’s MLB Ballpark account. 

If they’re with their parent or legal guardian, children under 18 can be included within a Go-Ahead Entry group. 

What data does the program collect? Here’s the Phillies’ answer to that question:

“In accordance with MLB’s Privacy Policy, Go-Ahead Entry cameras will scan your face to create a unique numerical token associated with you. The facial scans will be deleted immediately thereafter. Only the unique numerical token will be retained and associated with your MLB account.”

According to the Phillies, the team plans to “expand the offering” beyond the first base gate next season. MLB plans to have Go-Ahead Entry at additional parks in 2024. 

Further information on the program can be found here. 

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