MLB Twitter roasts Mets for playing Edwin Díaz's trumpet song vs. Padres


Maybe playing Edwin Díaz’s trumpet entrance down 4-0 in an elimination game isn’t such a great idea.

With the New York Mets trailing the San Diego Padres 4-0 in the top of the eighth in Game 3 of the National League Wild Card series, Díaz entered the game to the trumpeting sounds of “Narco” by Australian musician Timmy Trumpet.

But in this situation, the optics were not so great. As Mr. Met got his trumpet on, the Padres fans cheered it on note by note.

The reactions continued on social media, as the Padres ended up taking a 6-0 lead going into the ninth. Here are some of the best reactions on Twitter from the moment:

Through nine innings, the Mets had logged just one hit, which came from first baseman Pete Alonso. Otherwise, Padres pitcher Joe Musgrove and Co., ear checks and all, had New York’s offense locked down.

San Diego will now play the Los Angeles Dodgers in a massive Southern California matchup. Díaz’s trumpet entrance, on the other hand, won’t be played until next year.

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