WATCH: Schwarber rode the bull at Xfinity Live after win


Everyone celebrates differently. Apparently Kyle Schwarber is a mechanical bull guy.

Just hours after the Phillies clinched a berth in the World Series at Citizens Bank Park, slugger extraordinaire Kyle Schwarber was across the street at Xfinity Live riding the dang mechanical bull in his post-victory haze.

Please enjoy this truly glorious video:

This all feels like a fever dream, but Schwarber showing up to the mega-sports bar and partaking in the silliest of attractions is particularly nuts. What a guy.

(Thank goodness the bull was going very slow. No dumb injuries, please.)

Schwarber was living it up both during and after Sunday's win. The left fielder told NBC Sports Philadelphia's John Clark that he felt like he was possessed when Bryce Harper lifted the game-winning two-run homer over the wall:

To be fair, he's right:

And when the final out landed in Nick Castellanos's glove, he had huge "kid set loose in a candy store" energy:

Just A-plus vibes overall from Schwarber.

The big guy has an .832 OPS through 11 postseason games and had a ridiculous NLCS against the Padres, slashing .400/.571/1.000 over five games with six hits, six runs, three home runs, four RBI, and six walks. Absolutely enormous stuff.

Four more wins, Kyle.

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