Phillies move toward deals with top draft picks Moniak, Gowdy, Stobbe


The Phillies are moving swiftly toward signing their top three draft picks, industry sources say.

Outfielder Mickey Moniak, the top pick in the draft, is expected to reach agreement on a signing bonus for somewhere between $6.5 million and $7 million.

Right-handed pitcher Kevin Gowdy, considered the “toughest sign” in the group, is expected to get a bonus approaching $4.5 million. He was the first pick in the second round, 42nd overall.

Those totals would put the Phils in the neighborhood of the $10.55 million that Major League Baseball allotted for the Nos. 1 and 42 picks.

Major League Baseball’s recommended slot for the first overall pick is $9.01 million. Getting Moniak signed under slot allows the Phillies to sweeten the recommended slot of $1.5 million for the 42nd pick, which they used on Gowdy.

Moniak was considered the best high school bat in Southern California and Gowdy the best high school arm. Both players are expected to pass on college commitments to UCLA and begin their pro careers. Moniak has already been adamant in saying as much. It’s now just a matter of finalizing the deal.

"He's done," an industry source said.

Phillies scouting director Johnny Almaraz called Moniak “the best bat in the country.”

Almaraz also praised Gowdy.

“He’s a young right-handed pitcher who has the ability to command the baseball at such a young age,” Almaraz said. “He has an above-average fastball and good breaking stuff. I’m a believer you can’t teach somebody how to pitch. He’s got that innate ability to pitch and get hitters out and that’s what we want in this organization, frontline pitchers.”

The Phillies’ third-round pick, Cole Stobbe, a high school infielder from Omaha, has indicated that he will pass on attending the University of Arkansas and sign with the Phillies. Stobbe, a hard-hitting shortstop, is a two-time Nebraska high school player of the year. His signing bonus is expected to be between $813,000 (slot for the No. 78 pick) and $1 million.

The Phillies have not yet announced any signings from last week’s draft.

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