Phillies Talk podcast: Lessons from the last time MLB shortened its season


On the latest Phillies Talk podcast, Ricky Bottalico joins Corey Seidman to discuss a delayed, shortened season he experienced and how it affected his preparation.

• Should pitchers stop throwing? What would be going through Ricky's mind right now if he was still in the Phillies' bullpen?

• What should guys like Aaron Nola and Zack Wheeler be doing right now after throwing 4 innings in their last start?

• Can any lessons be learned from the last time MLB shortened its season in the mid-90s?

• How a shortened season could affect contracts and career stats.

• Ricky's reaction to Seranthony Dominguez's elbow setback.

• Phils might not have Seranthony but might get back another key player.

• How are Ricky and Corey passing the time?

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