7 amazing things from the Joel Embiid-KAT brawl you may have missed


The big men tussling was the main event. Joel Embiid and Karl-Anthony Towns getting tied up and eventually brawling had the sports world buzzing on Wednesday night.

But there was plenty of shenanigans on the outskirts of the brawl that were as equally entertaining as Joel and KAT going at it. Here are a few of the harder-to-see moments from the mayhem.

Mike Scott's reaction

You think Mike Scott likes a brawl? Scott has played the role of Sixers hype man wonderfully and his reaction to his teammate getting into it was fantastic. Embiid also borrowed a line from Scott in his postgame comments.

Embiid Quoting Scott

Al Horford's nonchalant reaction

Big Al couldn't be bothered with a scuffle and his sister had the perfect tweet about it.

The Choke / Tap Out

Did KAT really tap out only a day after he and his teammates ran up the Rocky Steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art? Amazing.


The Ugly Part

A close up photo showed Embiid going for KAT's eye. That's a no-no.

Was that KAT's mom?

Former NBA player Cole Aldrich pointed out someone he says was KAT's parents. If so, you gotta respect a mom sticking up for her son like that.

And just for Halloween giggles

This guy was there to enjoy the brawl.

And since we're here, a few extra social reactions for good measure:

Kendrick Perkins, a big man who knows a thing or two about tusslin', chimed in:

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