Artist creates awesome portrait of Embiid using Rubik's Cubes


You’d think that Joel Embiid, even for the best players in the world, is a difficult guy to solve.

Harder than, maybe, solving 768 Rubik’s Cubes?

Well, at least one guy has figured it out.

Computer programmer and Rubik’s Cube enthusiast Brian Kobasa makes artwork from 768 of the puzzle cubes and his latest work, posted to his social media accounts, is a portrait of the Sixers' All-Star center.

Now that is a work of art worthy of the Louvre.

Kobasa said in an interview that his pieces take about eight hours apiece – four hours to design and four hours to arrange the colors on the cubes to match the design. He has been putting together cube portraits for a bit more than two years.

I guess you could try to recreate this wonderful piece of art on your own. You might be better off trying to actually guard Embiid one-on-one.

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