Danny Green on his future: ‘I've still got some good years left'


Sixers small forward Danny Green’s season ended about two hours before the rest of the team and left him with a very uncertain future, both with the team and the league.

Green suffered a torn ACL and LCL when Joel Embiid fell into him in the first quarter of the team’s season-ending Game 6 loss to Miami in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. Now, as he begins the process of returning from the first serious injury of his 13-year career, he awaits Daryl Morey’s decision on whether to bring him back next season.

On his Inside the Green Room Podcast, Green said he has yet to speak with Morey about his contract. Morey has until July 1 to bring Green back at $10 million for 2022-2023.

“I don’t know what they’re going to do,” Green said. “I’ve said of this league, it’s a business. You just expect the worst, hope for the best. But I know the fact that I won’t be able to play at the start of the season, and they’re assuming most of the season. But, for me, I think I’ll play at least half the season, or the tail end of the season and the playoffs. They might not pick [my contract] up, they might trade it. That’s part of the business.

“Either way, I’m hopeful, but I’m preparing for the worst, because you don’t know how it’s going to go in this league.”

Green’s shooting was somewhat streaky, but he did shoot threes at 38% for the season, which is above the league average. His defense, while not what it was earlier in his career, is still a hallmark of his game, and provided he returns healthy, his skill set can help an NBA team, whether it be the Sixers or someone else.

If the Sixers don’t bring him back, Green, who turns 35 next month, is confident that he has plenty to give to a potential NBA team, even after a catastrophic knee injury.

“I’ve still got some good years left, this body is not that old,” he said. “I feel like I was playing some good basketball before I went down… I feel like I can still get back to that and play for a couple more years, for sure.

“My game is not based on athleticism, so I don’t think it’s going to affect my game that much. But I think the biggest part, the main thing for me is the defensive side. As long as I’m not a defensive target, and I’m going to work to not be that as soon as I get back and am able to be rehabbing… if they start targeting me that’s when I’ll start thinking about needing to close up shop.

“But I’ll make sure that I get back on the court, and it’s not going to take me a year. I will be back before the All-Star break, you better believe it, you heard it here first, so I will work my tail off to rehab, to get back healthy, my body and my bones usually heal pretty well, I don’t have any bad habits, so I think I’ll be back in time to help a team in a playoff run.”

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