Did dinosaurs really exist? JJ Redick and Kyrie Irving aren't so sure


JJ Redick sat down with Kyrie Irving late on Thursday night after the Celtics put a whooping on the Sixers for the better half of a game in London.

Two of the NBA’s more interesting people talked about a ton of stuff, from conspiracy theories, to Duke basketball, to NBA super powers (like Kyrie's sick handle), to Kyrie's journey to Boston and his coach there.

The Ringer podcast wastes no time and jumps right into Kyrie's flat eartherism, which he admits may have been hastily stated after seeing some stuff on social media.

“The actual intent behind it, just do your own research,” Kyrie says to start off the podcast, never really saying whether he truly believes the Earth is flat.

The Sixers' shooter seems to be into conspiracy theories of his own.

“I think it’s good to question a lot of things,” Redick says. “I’m not entirely convinced that dinosaurs existed.”

In one 30-second span, the convo goes from “there was collusion” in the Trump-Russia situation to “have you seen the new Taco Bell commercial?”

These guys are out there.

And the conspiracy theories aren't limited to global conspiracies. JJ thinks he saw one in London last night as well during Philadelphia's loss to Boston.

“The one rim was so [bleeping] crooked,” Redick said of the hoops at O2 Arena. 

The one the Celtics shot at in the first half and the one the Sixers shot at in the second half. Kyrie didn't disagree.

They talk about some Duke stuff and Coach K., which I tuned out. Then they get into NBA Super Powers and Kyrie shares some interesting nuggets about how he developed his handle.

You can listen to the entire wide-ranging conversation below.

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