Embiid rips Simmons in all-time press conference


The insane, surreal summer of Simmons came to a head on Tuesday as Ben Simmons was tossed from practice, suspended a game, and dodged his scheduled media availability one day before the Sixers' season opener against the Pelicans.

And shortly after practice closed, Joel Embiid gave the press conference of a lifetime.

Embiid didn't hold back on Simmons, clearly fed up with his soon-to-be-former teammate. Here are the two spiciest quotes from the presser:

"I don't care about that man"

This might be the best quote Joel has ever unleashed. As he said it, and the words bounced around in my brain, I thought I'd heard wrong. I scrubbed back multiple times to make sure I was right. 


That is an all-time ether. Wow.

"Our job is not to babysit"

Calling Ben a baby is probably something that Embiid has wanted to do for months, and Simmons giving him a reason to roast him publicly has to be so satisfying for the big man.

And as an actual father, Embiid knows a thing or two about babies.

End of the day, this has to be one of the wildest days in the last decade of wild Sixers things, and as he always does, Embiid came through as the clear winner.

Trust The Process (of destroying your ex-teammate).

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