Ex-Sixers fan fave T.J. McConnell sets insane NBA record


Former Sixers cult hero and current Indiana Pacers guard T.J. McConnell is known for his pesky style of play and his penchant for forcing turnovers in the backcourt. He's the guy you love to have on your team and hate to play against.

And now he owns a truly wild NBA record.

McConnell racked up nine - NINE - steals in the first half of Wednesday night's game against the Cavaliers, setting a record for most steals in a half by a player.

That's just insane. Here's a highlight reel of all nine:

McConnell finished the night with a triple double: 16 points, 13 assists, and 10 steals. What a ridiculous line from a player many didn't believe belonged in the league during his early days as a member of the Process Sixers.

And, while it might be surprising that he literally set an NBA record, it shouldn't be too much of a shocker that he made his mark in the steals department: despite averaging just under 25 minutes per game, McConnell ranks tied for second in the entire league in steals per game with 1.7, which is tied for the highest mark in his career with his second season in Philadelphia back in 2016-17. 

Only Jrue Holiday, who plays seven more minutes per game than McConnell, is averaging more steals per game, and McConnell is the only player in the Top 10 in steals per game who plays fewer than 25 minutes each night.

His career has been built on hard work and hustle, so it only makes sense that McConnell would set a record by busting his butt for the entire first half. What a guy.

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