Joel Embiid gives fan a kiss during Sixers' preseason win in China


Joel Embiid, never change.

He may be in a different time zone, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t bring his antics overseas with him.

During the Sixers' preseason win in Shanghai on Friday morning against the Mavericks (see observations), he apparently hit a fan in the head with a ball after a blocked shot.

Seems pretty standard for fans sitting courtside. It’s probably a guarantee that you’ll get bounced by a few rouge basketballs on the front line like that.

What was not expected however, was that Embiid then decided to show how apologetic he was by giving the fan a quick kiss on the head after the incident.

Watch the video above for the whole clip.

The fan looks a little surprised … but he was rocking a throwback Sixers jersey, so he may very well be used to Embiid’s antics by now.

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