LeBron heaps praise on Maxey after Game 2


The Sixers' first two games vs. the Heat have been hugely disappointing. Without the best player in the league in Joel Embiid, the Sixers haven't been able to generate consistent offense and have allowed Miami to get whatever they want on the other end.

There aren't many positives to take back to Philly heading into Game 3, but the one bright spot in Game 2 on Wednesday night was the breakout performance of Tyrese Maxey.

The second-year Sixers stud, whose transformation from his rookie year to now has been incredible, scored 34 points on 22 shots and was basically un-guardable all night.

Between his trademark floaters, some big jumpers with defenders in his face, and his unparalleled speed and finishing ability, Maxey put on a show Wednesday night. It didn't matter - without Embiid the Sixers don't have a chance against the Heat - but it was still noteworthy.

And the showing apparently caught the attention of one LeBron James, who shouted out Maxey on Twitter in the fourth quarter:

That's right, LeBron!

Maxey and LeBron are at least somewhat acquainted. The two were famously photographed together at an open run in June 2020, months before the NBA Draft, with James looking on at Maxey. (Ben Simmons was also in the background, but that doesn't matter.)

LeBron is regularly trying to identify the next up-and-coming stars in the NBA, and has been pretty chatty online during the playoffs so far after his Lakers missed the postseason.

It's neat to see one of the greatest players in the history of the sport single out your team's young gun as a guy to watch, even if Sixers fans have been saying the same team all year long. 

Maxey is That Guy. Hopefully his great play continues, the Sixers get Joel Embiid back, and we go from there.

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