Mitchell, Gobert fined appropriately for their lame whining


The Jazz caused quite a kerfuffle in the NBA universe this week when they wouldn't stop crying about blowing a lead to the MVP frontrunner and the Sixers. 

It was a silly and embarrassing display from a supposed elite team, and now Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert have to face the music for not just taking the L and walking away.

The NBA announced Friday afternoon that the league is fining Mitchell $25,000 for "public criticism of the officiating and his conduct while exiting the playing court", and Gobert $20,000 for public criticism of the officiating.

That seems about right.

In case you missed the fireworks on Wednesday, here's a recap:

Mitchell apparently was none too happy with some refereeing down the stretch, especially a few calls that went the Sixers' way in overtime, and the young gun was ejected in OT.

He threw a little bit of a tantrum on his way out:

Mitchell didn't stop there, though!

In his postgame press conference, Mitchell went on a bit of a rant about the refereeing, whining about unfair treatment:

He also threw in a couple of expletives, which I'll let you click through and see for yourself instead of embedding them here.

Then Gobert decided to chime in with his own lame and sad complaints about the refereeing, including asserting that "when you're a small market team - I don't want to say that, but I really believe it - after playing in this league for eight years, it's a little harder."  

Just a brutally sad showing from the two most visible (not best) faces on the top team (for now) in the West.

Pay up, gents, and next time maybe don't go 1-for-9 in overtime.

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