Sixers fans crush Simmons for passing on easiest shot ever


Ben Simmons might've just played his way out of favor in Philadelphia, for good.

Simmons disappeared in a jarring way during the Sixers' seven-game series against the Hawks, refusing to shoot the ball and looking tentative in a way we've never seen before. He seemed afraid of scoring.

And those problems reached a head in Game 7 on Sunday night, when Simmons made the most inexcusable decision I've ever seen on a basketball court.

With 3:30 to go in the fourth quarter and the Sixers trailing by two, Simmons spun off Danilo Gallinari and found himself wide open on the right side of the hoop. Trae Young started to help off his man, but Ben Simmons is Ben Simmons and Trae Young is Trae Young.

Here's what Simmons did:


I've been a big Simmons fan for a long time. I like the way he pushes the pace, I love his creativity and vision on fastbreaks, and I love his defensive tenacity. There's so much to like.

But this is the final straw on his reluctance to be an offensive force. It's inexcusable.

Sixers fans couldn't believe what they'd seen:

Simmons scored just five points on four shots on Sunday night, and he averaged fewer than 10 points per game for the series.

That can't happen, and it's going to be very interesting to see where the Sixers' decision-makers come down on what has become a troubling postseason trend for a franchise cornerstone.

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