Sixers have 3rd-best odds to win NBA Finals in 2018-19 but LeBron James a huge factor


It appears the Bryan Colangelo saga didn’t help the Sixers' odds to win the NBA championship next season.

But it didn’t really hurt them all that much either as the team looks for its next GM.

After being tied with the Rockets for the second-best odds just last week, the Sixers now have the third-best odds (9/2) to be crowned NBA champs next season. 

The biggest factor for the Sixers still remaining near the top: The chance to sign LeBron James.

“We expect the odds to look much different within six weeks as LeBron James makes his free agency decision,” sports book manager Kevin Bradley of Bovada said. “We are trying to protect the teams that we believe he might go to and give more value to teams we perceive to be out of the running. There is value to be had if you think you know where LeBron will end up as odds will drop drastically after he signs.”

Though the numbers were released back on May 29, Vegas considers the Sixers the favorite to land the King. Now that the Finals are over and the draft is approaching, the LeBron courting will commence in earnest.

Here are all the odds:

Golden State Warriors - 5/4

Houston Rockets - 4/1 

Philadelphia 76ers - 9/2 

Boston Celtics - 6/1

Los Angeles Lakers - 16/1 

Cleveland Cavaliers  - 25/1

San Antonio Spurs - 25/1

Miami Heat - 40/1 

Toronto Raptors - 60/1 

Milwaukee Bucks - 75/1 

Minnesota Timberwolves - 75/1 

New Orleans Pelicans - 75/1 

Oklahoma City Thunder - 75/1 

Utah Jazz - 75/1 

Denver Nuggets - 100/1 

Indiana Pacers - 100/1 

Los Angeles Clippers - 100/1 

Portland Trail Blazers  - 100/1 

Washington Wizards - 100/1 

New York Knicks - 150/1 

Phoenix Suns - 250/1 

Atlanta Hawks - 500/1 

Brooklyn Nets  - 500/1 

Charlotte Hornets - 500/1 

Chicago Bulls - 500/1 

Dallas Mavericks - 500/1 

Detroit Pistons -500/1 

Memphis Grizzlies - 500/1 

Orlando Magic - 500/1 

Sacramento Kings - 500/1

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