The Sixers have unveiled their new ‘Earned Edition' uniforms


After weeks of leaks, the Sixers unveiled their new Earned Edition uniforms on Wednesday.

First impressions? Well ... 

The team is clearly continuing to lean into the parchment theme for alternate uniforms, which is a good idea because it's a great color and look, but the design on these jerseys leaves a bit to be desired: 

The bell looks like some sort of Clip Art or royalty-free PNG file. The numbers don't fit inside the dang bell. The drop shadow-less numbers, with just a single red outline, feel cheesy. I'm not impressed.

Here's a full look at all 16 sets of Earned Edition unis from around the league:

The garish color on the Heat design is rough, and the Clippers and Blazers' monochrome grey sets do nothing for me.

There are a couple of saving graces: the shorts on their own look pretty sharp, and will likely be seen all over South Philly basketball courts as the city opens back up this summer as COVID-19 vaccines become more widely available. And I do like the varied side piping on the jerseys, with one side featuring stars and the other featuring red and blue lines. That's a nice touch. As the Pacers have shown in back-to-back years, a little asymmetry is a good thing.

But overall, I'm left wanting more. Let's hope the Sixers can overcome this stumble and push deep into the playoffs while leaving these jerseys on their hangers.

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