‘Tobias Harris over ME?!?' — Butler takes shot at Sixers


Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat dispatched the 76ers last night in a 99-90 win at Wells Fargo Center. In an on-court postgame interview, Butler threw roses to his former teammate Joel Embiid, saying he loved him and wished they were still teammates.

That’s all very nice, but if we know anything about Jimmy Butler, it’s that things aren’t always sweet with him.

Moments after that interview, on his way to the locker room, he took a shot at the Sixers' front office — and Tobias Harris — in a quick expletive-laced rant.

“Tobias Harris over ME?!?”

First of all, Jimmy: why you gotta bring up old stuff?

Jokes aside, Butler knew that cameras would be on him in the tunnel and he didn’t quite say it under his breath. He wanted the world to know his thoughts about not being re-signed by the Sixers following the 2018-19 season, and Harris was caught in the crossfire.

It’s evident that Butler still feels slighted by the Sixers for their choice, but was it really Harris over Butler? No one really knows for sure. It could just as well have been Ben Simmons over Butler, or Brett Brown over Butler.

Butler got one last dig in at the Sixers before he took his team to the conference finals for the second time in his three years there. And the Sixers will have to sit home and watch and wonder yet again: did we make the right move?

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