Watch: Joel Embiid talks drinking Shirley Temples by the pitcher, being so lovable


When you're 7-foot-2-inches and still growing, you need a lot of fruits. So it's not all that shocking to hear Joel Embiid talk about drinking Shirley Temples by the pitcher-full. 

Vice Sports caught up with the Sixers' big man -- it looks like quite a while ago as there is still snow on the ground -- and drove around Philadelphia.

Embiid talks about a lot: his misinterpreted reaction to being drafted by the Sixers, his initial love of Kobe Bryant, his now infamous Twitter account, his love of video games, and the way he's dealt with the injury.

"I'm so lovable. I'm funny. I always make jokes," Embiid says.

And it's true. He comes off as extremely likable. All he needs to do is stay healthy, play in some games, and this town will surely love him.

"I'm just going to let my game do the talking. I think some people are going to be surprised. I can't wait to show off."

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