Will Dario Saric break one promise to keep another with Sixers?


If you take Dario Saric at his word, the 2014 first-round draft pick is inching closer to joining the Sixers. Although, ironically enough, he will have to break his word in order to make the jump to the NBA this season.

According to translations, Saric admits he promised the Sixers he would sign with the club after playing two seasons overseas in Turkey. The 22-year-old Croatian goes on to say his word is more important than a piece of paper, referring to the contract that will have to be bought out before he begins playing in the United States.

But has anybody ever explained to Saric that a contract is his word — a promise as good as his word, if not better?

Yes, there's buyout language in there, so technically Saric is free to pursue that route and go to the NBA. It's just a little humorous to see a man of his word literally say a contract doesn't matter in the same breath.

Maybe enough to make you wonder if Saric wouldn't still break his promise to the Sixers if the upcoming negotiations don't go as planned.

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