Dawn Staley's John Chaney sideline tribute is just perfect


Dawn Staley's South Carolina squad had a marquee women's basketball matchup Monday night with powerhouse UConn, one of those games you circle on the calendar ahead of time. 

And Staley, a Philly native who always has her hometown on her mind, seized the opportunity as a way to honor the late, great John Chaney.

Chaney, who passed away last month at the age of 89, was an outsized character in all respects, including the way he dressed on the sidelines later in his career with Temple. He was known for his loose-fitting ties, even on the biggest stages.

Here's a shot from 2005 of Chaney coaching against UCLA at the hallowed Pauley Pavillion, for reference:

Staley, who had plenty of time to study Chaney during their six overlapping head coaching years at Temple, decided a great way for her to honor Chaney's legacy on the sidelines Monday was to mimic his loose tie fashion:


Chaney was clearly a big part of Staley's life and her path. When he passed on Jan. 29, Staley sent out this heartfelt message on Twitter honoring the late great coach:

I have a feeling Chaney would've had a great laugh at Staley's outfit choice Monday - and probably a tip or two about her team's defense.

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