Temple football coach Geoff Collins sounds like wackadoo drinking ‘green lightning' from ‘Swag Chalice'


This seems a little odd to me. Mostly because the only people who should be drinking from chalices are priests, Indiana Jones, or characters on Game of Thrones. But apparently new Temple Owls football coach Geoff Collins drinks from something bedazzled that is dubbed the "Swag Chalice."

But that's not the end of it. What does he drink out of the Swag Chalice?

"Green Lightning" as he calls it. Or as the rest of the world calls it: Diet Mountain Dew. How many of those badboys does he drink a day? How about at one point he was up to 8-10 per day! Imagine the soda tax on that! He can fund a whole Philly public school on his own.

We've learned this thanks to an article in Sports Illustrated by Pete Thamel which talks about many of the quirks Collins is bringing to Temple.

Apparently this includes NOT wearing socks to be Temple Tough. That one is a little curious.

Here's his answer on the team's S.W.A.G. coordinator:

Titles, to me, are important. Anybody can be social media coordinator. You can be the Specialist With Advanced Graphics, and we’ll call you the S.W.A.G. Coordinator. It ended up being a national story, and it couldn't happen to a better kid and he just consistently keeps outperforming. He has the least swag of anybody with that title. But he’s an unbelievable kid, he taught himself Photoshop. He figured it out because he loves Temple football, Temple University and he’s special.

Oh, and he also installed a mechanical door opener on his office door -- a trick he learned from Nick Saban.

The whole thing is quasi interesting and just a bit zany. The most football-relevant parts are about the coaches he's worked for and how they've influenced him as a coach. It remains to be seen how any of this translates to the football field in Philly. Pretty sweet chalice though:

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