Andy Reid Press Conference Live Blog


What does coach have to say after this one?  Follow along and share your thoughts as the trainwreck unfolds.

Any predictions on what he says?

- An understatement to say that was a poor offensive performance

- Hasn't made any decisions on which QB will start

- "Direct reflection on the job I'm doing."

Questions after the jump

- What prompted the QB change?  "Just something I thought needed to be done."

- Not worried about Donovan's confidence

- Why is McNabb struggling?  "He's working through, and he's gotta work it out."

- Defensively, "I'm not talking about [Monday's] meeting."

- "We need to get better in short yardage whether we're running the football or throwing the football."

- Did you think Kolb would respon better than he did?  "Did I think he would throw the INT in there tight?  No, I didn't think he'd do that."

- "It's about me.  That's the first thing I'll tell you, it's all about me."

- Reid closes by announcing he will make a decision on the starting quarterback tomorrow.

- McNabb Reid did not personally tell Donovan he would be benched.

We'll stick around for Donovan's Kolb's presser.

- "I made a mistake... that basically cost us the game."

- "It obviously didn't go good, and I'm not gonna pretend it did."

- On Donovan: "I support him, he supports me, we have a good relationship."

- "I just can't wait to get back on the field."

- Did he think he might get the call?  "I just tried to stay focused, keep supporting 5."

Sixers at 5, so CSN will not air the full post game until 9 pm.

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