As Neither Team Can Win Punting Battle, Eagles and Bengals Play to a Tie Game


I think the title says it all. Sav Rocca must have had one too many Foster's last night because he was shanking punts left and right (but mostly left) all day. The Eagles could only muster up a tie against the 1-8 Bengals on the road in Cincinnati. That, my friends, is weak.

Donovan McNabb uncharacteristically threw interception after almost-interception and helped the pitiful Bengals play it close all game. Cincy eventually missed a potential game-winning field goal in over time. Obviously, Andy Reid has to do a better job at putting the Eagles in a position to win.

The Eagles defense actually played a pretty nice game and held the
Bengals to only a FG when a McNabb fumble gave Cincy the ball at the
one foot line. An absolutely ticky-tack, garbage, horrible, BS, moronic
roughing the passer penalty put the Bengals in position to attempt a
game-winning field goal.

This was the first tie in the NFL since the Falcons and Steelers
played to an equal score on November 10th in 2002. A tie to the Bengals
is basically a loss so this Eagles team can start making January
vacation plans.

You just wasted five hours.

UPDATE: Apparently many of the Eagles, including McNabb, didn't know an NFL game can end in a tie. Ugh.

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