Ashley Fox Leaves Inquirer for


Ashley Fox has been doing great work for the Philadelphia Inquirer for over a decade (and we don't just say that because we worked with her and Dan Levy doing one of those super edgy email-exchange items a couple of years ago for half of an Eagles season), but that has now come to an end.

She announced today that she'll be leaving the Inquirer to become the NFL columnist at It'll be nice to have a national columnist who actually gets Philly fans. We look forward to no Santa Claus or Cheesesteaks in her stories.

You can read Ashley's final column for the Inquirer here. She wasn't one of us by birth, but she seems to get the Philly sports fan pretty damn well after having a press box view for all of those years.

You can read Fox's new stuff at if the league ever decides to play games again some time this fall.

Best of luck, Ash. Too bad we won't run into you in the Sixers' press room any longer.

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