Bengals Fans Have Seriously Had Enough


The big talk heading into this week's Eagles game against the Bengals is that Cinci is only half as bad as their 1-8 record would indicate. They have talent on offense, starting with Chad 8-5 and TJ Housh. Cedric Benson brought some balance to the running attack, and Carson Palmer backup Ryan Fitzpatrick had a decent enough game against the Jags in week 9.

So although the Eagles should romp the Bengals this week, some in Philly are understandably a little less than certain of the outcome of this game. One group that's pretty sure the Bengals will lose, however, are a vocal faction of Bengals fans called the WhoDey Revolution.

Tired of enduring losing football, WDR has initiated a Palahniukian "Project Mayhem" effort, which has two goals:
1. Disrupt the natural order of Mike Brown's Bengals
2. Reduce Mike Brown's profit

The group's latest push is pretty creative—purchasing ad space on four billboards in Cincinnati, which look like this:

Pretty direct and to the point, no?

Here's what WDR has to say:

The above image is a billboard located at four locations
around Cincinnati, asking that the Bengals finally hire a real General
18 seasons of Mike Brown making football decisions
have led the Bengals to a record of 98-183, the worst winning
percentage of all professional sports teams over that stretch.
Einstein's famous quote "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” should be framed and put above the door to Mike Brown's office. 

To make sure these billboards can stay up for the rest of the season
and into the once again Bengal-free post-season, we need some help from
our fellow Comrades.  We are asking for you to donate $18
using the Paypal link on the left of the page - or $1 for each year of
Mike Brown's ownership of the team.
However, if you are in a
financial position to donate more than $18, by all means go for it.  We
don't want to hold you back.   We need all the donations possible to
keep these billboards up.  Just think how much of your money Mike Brown
has buried in a tin can in his backyard (he doesn't trust those new
fancy "banks") and contribute to a cause that is working to take back
our team.  Unfortunately, the fathers of the writers of WDR did not
start an NFL team so we need your help to keep these billboards up.

While we obviously hope their team continues its losing ways for at least one more game, we're pretty impressed with how this group is taking their fandom seriously, and then some. They originally emailed us a day ago, at which point they'd raised $1,580.32
in one day. Today, their site indicates that they already are up to  $3,140.11.

Good luck, guys.

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