Birds Beat by Giants, Refs, and Play Calling


The Eagles couldn't have had a better start against the Giants, picking off an Eli Manning pass and turning the opportunity into an early 7-0 lead. They certainly could have had a better finish.

After taking that quick lead on a nice touchdown run by DeSean Jackson, the Eagles looked awful during the next quarter or so and allowed 17 unanswered points. The Birds certainly weren't helped by the referees or even their own coaching, as commenters here were calling for Reid's job before the game was even over.

This is certainly one frustrating team. From Donovan's inconsistency and his inability to put together a clutch drive under duress to Andy's decision to call two running plays on third and fourth and short with the game on the line.

Seriously, I think Eagles fans were all in agreement with John Madden's statement that the Eagles tried the same exact thing in Chicago and it failed then. The Eagles are not a running team and it showed Sunday night against the Giants. Brian Westbrook had one of his quietest games in an Eagles uniform,  yet Big Red calls two running plays in an absolute must get situation.

It's frustrating because this team looks pretty good at times but they simply fail when it comes trying to put together a complete game.

Would firing Andy Reid fix their problems? I'm not so sure. But you won't know unless it happens.

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