Broad Street Biters?


The Devils are accusing Flyers Defenseman Derian Hatcher of biting center Travis Zajac's finger in last night's loss. If Colin Campbell finds evidence that he did pull a Mike Tyson, it could mean yet another suspension for the Flyers. But did he do it? We don't have any video yet, but Hatch's quote might be the best we hear all year:

"If he's cut, good, but I didn't bite him," Hatcher said.

Hatcher claimed Zajac face-washed him with his glove, which caught on one of Hatcher's teeth.

That's right. If he's cut, good. I love it. And the quote from Zajac?

"There was a scrum in front and I guess my hand got close to his mouth and he bit me."

You guess your hand got close to his mouth? Now, I'm not for biting, it's about as dirty as it gets. But it's not like facials are within the rules. Are they part of the game? Absolutely, and a fun part at that. But come clean if you did it and you're going to accuse a guy of biting you. How else would your hand "get close to his mouth"? Still, biting ain't cool, and Zajac had to get stitches from something.

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