Bynum to Head to Germany for ‘Non-Invasive Knee Procedure', Says Source Confirming What Bynum Said


Sixers beat writer for the Inquirer, John Mitchell, authored a blog post today saying that a source told him Andrew Bynum will head to Germany in September to have a "non-invasive knee procedure." It's unclear if his source was Andrew Bynum, but the former Laker told reporters the same thing back in May, according to this ESPN story. It's the same procedure his old teammate Kobe Bryant received and spoke highly of:

"He just told me it helped him out," Bynum said of Bryant's advice
after his exit interview with Lakers coach Mike Brown and general
manager Mitch Kupchak.

Bynum said he could undergo the treatment
on both of his knees, depending on the results of an MRI he will have
done in the coming months.

"Nothing feels wrong," Bynum said. "It's supposed to regenerate tissue and stuff like that, so I want to check that out."

So, Bynum has had this planned for a while. But does it worry you at all?

It's that thing where they take your own blood and put it into a magical machine that turns it into super blood by spinning it super fast and making it extra-awesome. Then they shoot it back into your knees and it makes them feel seven years younger.*

*not exactly but something like that.

New Inqy Story: Source: Bynum to have non-invasive knee procedure

Old ESPN Story From May: L.A. Lakers' Andrew Bynum to have Orthokine therapy in Germany

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