Can We Get Miss Cleo on the Phone to Analyze Sammy Dalembert's Iverson Dreams?


I may not thoroughly enjoy watching Sammy Dalembert play basketball on a regular basis, but I'd absolutely love to hear tales of what he dreams about every night when he lays his head down in his oversized bed. Wouldn't you love to know what goes on in that head?

According to Phil Jasner, Sammy D. dreamt way back in the offseason of Allen Iverson returning to play in Philadelphia. And then it happened again last week!

"I told you about the dream I had before the season," the 76ers'
center was saying during a weekend crammed with Allen
Iverson-back-to-the-Sixers rumor and speculation. "I dreamed A.I. was
coming back."

And then, late last week . . .

"I had the dream again," Dalembert said. "I woke up at 6:30 in the morning in my house, wondering if it could be true."

Remember, kids. If you will it, it is no dream.

The other interesting nugget I took away from Jasner's piece is that the decision on whether to bring back Iverson or not lies clearly with Ed Stefanski and the "basketball people" and not the brass above them.

By my entirely unscientific guestimation, I'd put the likelihood of A.I. returning to Philadelphia at 38%.

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