Deion Sanders ‘Knows' McNabb Wants Out


I really can't stand Warren Sapp or Deion Sanders, both of whom made comments about Donovan McNabb down in Tampa yesterday. One guy rips McNabb then the other guy defends Five but rips us. Just shut up already about the Eagles. Isn't there some other game on Sunday you can blow wind at?

Sapp on why the Eagles can't finish at the end of the season:

"I don't think the quarterback is fit enough at the end of the season,
because when you have that black thing on your arm, that's an IV," said
Warren Sapp, the former defensive tackle who was part of the 2002 Tampa
Bay defense that denied Donovan McNabb and company a trip to the Super
Bowl. "If I'm 300 pounds taking on a double team all day long and I
don't need an IV to get through a game, then neither should my
quarterback who is throwing the ball."

And Sanders on McNabb wanting out:

"Maybe it's because they booed him on draft day," Sanders said.
"Maybe it's because they continuously doubt him when he's taken them to
four [actually five] NFC championship games. Maybe it's because no
matter what he does, it's never enough. Maybe that's the reason."

Simple answer: a Super Bowl win would be enough.

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