Doug Pederson calls Philly Special 2.0 … really


Are you kidding me? 

The Eagles' offense found itself in a funk, so Doug Pederson dusted off the ol' go-to. He basically just ran the damn Philly Special again. 


On 3rd-and-5 from the Atlanta 41-yard line in the third quarter Thursday night, Pederson dialed up a play that looked an awful lot like the Philly Special from the Super Bowl.

Let's call it Philly Special 2.0. 

This time, Foles took the snap in shotgun, handed off to Corey Clement, who flipped the ball to Nelson Agholor, who threw the ball to ... Foles! 

Talk about big ... guts ... from Pederson. 

Even the original Philly Special passer approved. 

As you can see, the Eagles' offense wasn't really cooking before that. 

A few plays later, Jay Ajayi punched in a 1-yard touchdown to give the Eagles their first lead of the game at 10-6. 

Is it too late to get another statue? 

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