Dunphy's Boys Will Take the Subway to Showdown With Duke Tonight


Temple's men's basketball team has a big showdown with Duke tonight at the Wachovia Center, and it sounds like Fran Dunphy wants his team to keep its perspective when preparing to face the 9th ranked (AP) Blue Devils. Speaking on SR 950's afternoon show, Coach Dunphy said his team would take the subway from Broad & Cecil B. down to South Philly tonight, to enjoy the weather and experience more of Philly.

With Temple still enduring the identity crisis of fielding a half-Chaney/half-Dunphy team, sitting at 6-6, they're going to need some creativity to stay in this one. Two years ago, they nearly toppled #1 Duke at the Wach, so anything is possible. "Nearly toppled" may be a stretch. They hung in there though.

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