Eagles by the Numbers: Vick makes history


Lets take a moment to forget how horrible the loss was -- if thats possible -- and focus in on the numbers.

Because buried deep beneath the wreckage of the Eagles third straight fourth-quarter collapse, there was a historic performance by Michael Vick thats gone virtually unnoticed. And some other pretty interesting facts, figures, stats and trends.

Until Vicks performance Sunday, no quarterback in NFL history had ever thrown for 400 yards and run for 75 in the same game.

In fact, until Vicks performance Sunday, only four quarterbacks -- all of them with Philly ties -- had even thrown for 300 yards and rushed for 75 in the same game: Vick last year against the Redskins (333, 80), Donovan McNabb in 2006 against Tampa (302, 76), St. Joes Prep graduate Rich Gannon in 2000 for the Raiders against the 49ers (310, 85) and Randall Cunningham in 1989 vs. the Saints (306, 92).

Until Sunday, no quarterback had thrown for 400 yards and also rushed for more than 62 yards in a game. It was Matt Cassel of all people who held the previous high for most rushing yards in a 400-yard passing performance. Starting for an injured Tom Brady for the Patriots in 2008, he threw for 400 yards and ran for 62 in a loss to the Jets.

In the entire history of the NFL before this year, only two quarterbacks had thrown for 400 yards and rushed for 50 in the same game. Now its happened three times in the span of 22 days.

The only other members of the 400-50 club: Chad Henne (416, 59) vs. the Patriots last month, Cam Newton (432, 53) vs. the Packers last month and Steve Young vs. the Bills (449, 50) in 1992.

Not quite the first time ever, but almost: So the Eagles have allowed at least one touchdown in three straight fourth quarters while being blanked in all three, and if youre guessing thats never happened before in Eagles history, youre wrong!

It did happen. A while ago. Quite a while ago.

This year? The Eagles the last three weeks have been outscored 14-0 in the fourth quarter by the Falcons, 15-0 by the Giants and 7-0 by the 49ers.

Last time they were shut out and gave up at least seven points in three consecutive fourth quarters was 78 years ago:

Oct. 15, 1933: Outscored 21-0 by the Giants at the Polo Grounds and lost 56-0.

Oct. 18, 1933: Outscored 10-0 by the Portsmouth Spartans at the Baker Bowl and lost 25-0.

Oct. 29, 1933: Outscored 21-0 by the Green Bay Packers at Green Bay East Stadium and lost 35-9.

At least they had an excuse then. It was the first three games in Eagles history.

More 4th-quarter misery: The Eagles seven fourth-quarter points is their fourth-fewest ever through four games. They scored none in 1977, three in 1999 and six in 1941.

Gored by Gore: Frank Gores 127 rushing yards was the most against the Eagles on 15 or fewer carries in 47 years -- since Bill Thornton of the Cards was 12-for-128 in a 38-13 over the Eagles at Franklin Field in 1964.

It was the most yards by a 49er on 15 or fewer carries since Ken Willard was 15-for-129 against the Jets at Shea Stadium in 1971.

Ryan, Manning and Smith: Matt Ryan, Eli Manning and Alex Smith have combined for eight touchdown passes in nine games against everybody theyve faced this year other than the Eagles. Ryan, Manning and Smith have 10 touchdowns in three games against the Eagles.

Wow, the defense stinks: Manning (145.7 passer rating) and Smith (112.1) are the first quarterbacks to beat the Eagles in consecutive weeks while posting passer ratings of 110 or higher in 48 years.

It was last accomplished by Hall of Famer Y.A. Tittle of the Giants (158.3) and Don Meredith of the Cowboys (123.5) in November of 1963.

More DeSean & Maclin Numbers: DeSean Jacksons 171 receiving yards moved him into fifth place in NFL history with 3,727 receiving yards among players who havent reached their 25th birthday. He trails only Randy Moss (5,998), Larry Fitzgerald (4,544), Isaac Bruce (3,834) and David Boston (3,739). The Eagles play seven more games before Jackson turns 25.

Jeremy Maclins 74 yards moved him into ninth place in NFL history with 2,279 yards among those who havent reached their 24th birthday. Hes only 10 behind Mike Ditka and 98 behind Darrell Jackson. Maclin doesnt turn 24 until the spring.

This and That: Eagles linebackers have one interception in the last 25 games and one sack in the last 12 games ... Opposing running backs are averaging 4.93 yards per carry. Over a full season, that would be worst against the Eagles since 1944 ... The Eagles are the first team to average 425 yards or more of offense through four games and still have a losing record. The last team to do that was the 1983 Dan Fouts San Diego Chargers.

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