Eagles Fans “Are the Cadillac of NFL Fans”


Fox Sports' "Cadillac of..." feature is polling which NFL fans are the best, and we Eagles fans are currently a distant second to the cheeseheads up in Green Bay, and ahead of Raider Nation. Not bad company if you ask me. When I visited Lambeau, I was impressed with the dedication of the Packers fans, which is as strident as any I've seen. But as far as passion, I still think the Eagles win that round in a walk. Having not witnessed Raider Nation yet, I can't comment there, but I've heard they're a force to be reckoned with.
, but it's not just that which has already been said a thousand times over.* Nice of them to include us (and not the Cowboys, Giants, or Redskins).

So go vote us up here, and thanks to Hugging Harold Reynolds, a great blog whose graph screengrab we borrowed and placed above.


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