Flyers Hat-MANIA!


Everybody is wearing Flyers hats these days. From Washington Wizards stud John Wall (pictured) to potential goalie of the future Ilya Bryzgalov, orange must be in this summer.

Dan Steinberg has more on John Wall rocking some Flyers gear, and suggests his owner might want to send him some Caps attire. Similarly, Dmitry Chesnokov points out on Twitter that Bryz is quite attached to his headwear, "Bryzgalov wore an orange ' baseball cap to the interview. A clue? 'No, no. It's too early to say...the contract is not signed yet'" And: "Orange hat with the hat with a logo. I hear he wears it everywhere he goes."

Clearly this means Bryz is going to sign with the Flyers and Plaxico Burress is going to sign with the Phillies.

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