Football Food For Eagles Fans – Week 10


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Football Food For Fans ~ Week 10, 2008, originally uploaded by Mark K_NJ

I'm starting to look forward to Mark's football food photos more than the actual Eagles games. It was another tough loss last night for the Eagles but playing New York provided plenty of meal options. You can read the description below and if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go grab some lunch now.

From Mark's flickr page:

Ain't nothing like a great deli.

Hey, Philly ain't no slouch in this department. I spent many a post-college dollar at the Famouth 4th Street Deli when I lived in South Philly, not to mention a number of smaller places in the neighborhood that serve great food.

But when you talk about New York delis and New York sandwiches, you gotta think of the Carnegie Deli,
the Midtown grandaddy of delis. And when I'm in there, I go with the
hot pastrami and Swiss, spice deli mustard, creamy cole slaw and dill
pickle spear. It satisfies.

So that's what I went with tonight. My brother-in-law Eric and I
satisfied some late Sunday hunger with this sandwich, and got ready for

I'd throw in a bag of some kettle-cooked chips for good measure. Big thanks to Mark as always and you can see all of his delicious meals here.

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