Football Food For Eagles Fans – Week 11


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Football Food For Fans ~ Week 11, 2008 ~ International Edition, uploaded by Mark K_NJ

Our food man Mark sure picked a good week to be out of the country with the Eagles wretched performance yesterday. While he didn't prepare one of his normal meals of the week while over seas, he did come through with a nice photo of a potential game day meal in Ireland.

From Mark's flickr page:

So, ran into a little problem this week as I'm not able to prepare any
Cincinnati Bengal-related food for the Eagles games this week.

Early Sunday morning - well, early Ireland time - I was boarding a prop
flight from Cork to Dublin and then a Continental flight from Dublin to
Newark. By the time I actually set foot in my house the game will be
nearly over.

But the Eagles are never far from my heart, even when traveling. While
in the villiage of Blarney on Saturday, and having lunch at the Muskerry Arms pub,
just a wee drop from the Blarney Castle, I pulled out my trusty Eagles
paperweight and shot this photo for Football Food For Fans this week -
Hearty Shepard's Pie and golden fries.

In the glass, a pint of Murphy's Irish Stout.

Hey, there's an Irish connection to the Eagles isn't there...his name is Donovan McNabb, isn't it?

Big thanks to Mark as always and you can see all of his delicious meals here. I think all Birds fans could use a vacation right about now.

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