Friendly Fight! Union Dust Up With Costa Rican Team Belen FC


The footage isn't the best, but below is a video found by The Brotherly Game showing the Philadelphia Union getting into a scrap with Belen FC, a Costa Rican team with whom they'd arranged a friendly.

Check it out:

As you can see, it's not the quality of the footage that's the problem, but the choice editing, which seems to leave out quite a bit. Michael Farfan appears to get shoved, after which he clearly puts a hard tackle attempt on a Belen player.

What better way to do take out some frustration than a sliding scissor tackle on an opponent?

All 22 players come together, the benches clear, and a soccer melee ensues. As for the fight itself, it wasn't the biggest deal. Through two periods at the Flyers-Isles game, we've seen similar fracases a few times, but it's admittedly rare for soccer.

Kessler put it well:

There was not much beyond some kicking and shoving, but Keon Daniel did strike an opponent with the game ball.  

Daniel throws the ball at an opposing player. Brian Carroll bounces
around like he's in a mosh pit. Zac MacMath comes in and just about
suplexes somebody. Fortunately there were no tridents handy.

Overall, not the worst thing to happen in a preseason outing for a club that could probably benefit from some team-building after some key departures. We could not really see him anywhere in the video, but we're guessing the
opposing coach wanted no part of Peter Nowak. The Belen coach did not
want to learn about impact (IMPACT? What do you mean by Impact?) from
Skip to the 13:48 mark of this video to learn about IMPACT!

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