From Above the Parade


I didn't know how much this Championship would mean to me. I always wanted to have a champion in Philly, but I never knew how much it would mean to me. I've worked in sports my whole adult life.I've been a sports fan since the day I was born. Sports are my life and having the privilege of getting to go to a parade for my favorite team is something I'll never forget.It's, frankly, overwhelming. This means more to me than anything has meant to anyone, ever. And I think it means that much to most of you too. This validates me as a fan. Hell, it almost validates me as a person. It definitely validates writing for this site, doing my show, working every day designing in this business.We got our parade.

A parade. For us.More Photos ATJ.

The Phanatic at the start of the parade

Down Market Street heading to City Hall

Nick (from the DL) and I are just a bunch of dopes. Dopes at a parade.

15th and Locust. I think they are blocking the box.

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