Habershow: J.A. Adande dubs Scottie Pippen the greatest No. 2 option ever


J.A. Adande caused a Twitter firestorm when he declared that Scottie Pippen was the greatest No. 2 player ever on ESPN’s "The Last Dance."

He defended his position on The Habershow podcast with NBC Sports national NBA Insider Tom Haberstroh

“Name me another guy who won six championships as the No. 2 guy,” Adande said. “And name me another guy who played the No. 2 role the entire time and understood that and mastered the role.” 

High praise coming from Adande, who covered the Los Angeles Lakers for The Los Angeles Times when the team had Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal. 

“Yes, Kobe is better than Scottie Pippen,” Adande said. “But Kobe is actually disqualified because the Lakers went three years without winning a playoff series specifically because Kobe wasn’t happy being No. 2. He wanted his crack at No. 1, even if that meant Shaq had to be bounced.”

Here are the timestamps for Haberstroh’s interview with Adande, who is now the director of sports journalism at Northwestern University:

7:25 -- J.A.’s mishap when meeting MJ 

9:59 -- Why MJ avoided the media after retiring

26:32 -- The Pistons’ infamous walk-off vs. MJ 

46:38 -- Phil Jackson’s version of load management

51:40 -- Was Pippen the greatest No. 2 player ever?

62:17 -- MJ’s speech at Kobe’s funeral

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