Happy Birthday, Donovan…


One thing that always gets lost in the sports stories involving strictly on-field problems is that the subject of every headline is still just some guy. Sure, he gets paid millions of dollars, and he knew what he was getting into from the beginning, and every other line that people trot out to defend their overreacting to sports. But, especially in the case of a guy like Donovan McNabb, he's never done anything wrong off the field, anything morally reprehensible, alcohol- or drug-related, or anything you wouldn't want your kid to hear about.

So in the midst of all the debate this week over who should start, who should stay, and who should go, I'm trying to remember that 5 has been one of my favorite players for the last decade, one of my favorite of all time. And... today is his birthday. Can't be easy to celebrate your 32nd in the middle of what might be the most tumultuous week of your professional career, but something tells me DMac is enjoying his day anyway.

As the Eagles approach a playoff Fail of mathematical proportions, I'm
going to
try to enjoy it anyway, especially on Thanksgiving this week. It's a nationally televised game on a holiday, and if all doesn't go well, it will
suck to have the storyline be
the boo birds and how Philly rained negativity on McNabb, possibly on
his way out of town. You know how badly the national media wants that
story line. I'd love to see it not happen, no matter what
transpires on the field (although a win would certainly help).

It may not be the most popular sentiment
you'll read about McNabb this week, but, for lack of a better phrase...
That's my quarterback. Happy Birthday, 5.

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